Our Story

In 1972, Russ Lipsitz founded an insurance agency. Because his first order of business was securing health insurance for the Buffalo firefighters, his attorney at the time told him he had to form a corporation, and it needed a name. Russ fondly remembers telling his attorney: “Let’s call it ‘L&M’ until we come up with something better.” Forty-some years later, we’re proudly still trying to come up with a better name! To begin to understand the history of L&M, it’s important to know a bit about our founder. Now the happiest 82 year-old on the planet, Russ loves people, and people love Russ right back. He grew L&M by hiring people he knew, people who were loyal and trustworthy. And no one personified those values more than his long-time partner, Gerry Gentner. Since Gerry’s passing in 2013, L&M has adopted Gerry’s motto in life, “just show up,” as our commitment to always be here for our clients. We’re proud that hundreds of our clients and employees have been with us for decades. Today, L&M is a more than 60-person-strong, financial advisory firm serving thousands of clients across the country.